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    A Family owned and operated company in Campbell River servicing Vancouver Island and coastal BC. We offer excellent service and expertise in:

Logging and Forestry:   

  •     Road Layout and Construction 

  •     Forestry Consulting

  •     Road Deactivation and rehab

  •     Bridge Inspections

  •     Helicopter landing and service areas

  •     Bridge and culvert layout and construction

Commercial and Residential  Site Preparation:

  •     Complete Subdivision Servicing

  •     Clearing

  •     Rock and Gravel

  •     Demolitions

General Contracting:

  •     Excavating   

  •     Drilling and Blasting

  •     Trucking

  •     Low bed Services

  •     Sand, Gravel and Topsoil

Special Areas:  

  •     Movie set site preparation and construction

  •     Pulp mill and sawmill maintenance and construction

  •     Snow removal


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